The Institute Maïeutique offers a variety of living areas within the city. They can be accompanied (continuous support), semi-accompanied (partial support) or entirely autonomous.

This variety of accommodation allows patients to benefit from care that meets their specific needs. It also aims, within the framework of community life, to encourage progressive empowerment of the patient through the passing from one structure to another. Accommodation is also fundamental in providing patients with a structure and rhythm that can assist them in the management and organization of their everyday life.

Supervision within their accommodation is tailored for each resident through individualized care and daily support activities. Examples of this type of care include learning household chores, help with taking or managing medication, coaching for general cleanliness and healthcare, money management and everyday crisis management.

For the weekends, recreational and cultural activities are arranged for patients who do not wish, or do not have the opportunity, to join their families. Our living spaces are open 7/7 and there is the opportunity for vacation stays, abroad and within Switzerland, held at various times during the year.