Born from a private initiative in 1955, the Institute Maïeutique operates as a non-profit foundation. It has official recognition and authorization to practice from the Office of Public Health and the Department of Protection of Minors. It works closely with various psychiatric, social and educational partners within the Lausanne region, the Cantons of Vaud, Geneva, Valais, Fribourg, Jura and Bern, as well as others within the European Community.

Applications for admission are generally made through health facilities, family doctor or social services. They are evaluated by the physician and the health care team responsible for the patient, their family or their representatives.

  • An initial interview with the director
  • Day visit
  • An application letter
  • Integration group

The officially approved tariff for outpatient day care is applicable.
Sheltered accommodation costs are covered by social welfare where necessary.

Contract No O 0431 22
Agreement with the association of Swiss health insurers
Agreement with the Federal Social Insurance Office (FSIO)
Member of the Swiss Association of hospitals H+
Member of psychiatric day care hospitals
Member of the Swiss Society of Social Psychiatry, French-speaking section
Agreement with the Department of Protection of Minors
Agreement with the Offices of Public Guardians