The Institute Maïeutique is an official partner with the annual Schizophrenia Day

The Culture, Creativity and Research Committee is responsible in general for everything related to culture, information and creativity within the Institute. It regularly organizes conferences in the Institute Maïeutique.

Overview of past Conferences
  • "Music, the source of emotions and creativity," Michel Corboz 2012
  • "Dreams of Adventure and Internal Challenges", Bertrand Piccard, 2010 and " Adventure: another face of psychiatry", 1993
  • "Medical Myths, Family Myths and Family Skills," Robert Neuburger, 2009
  • "Overcoming fears," Luc Ferry, 2007
  • "Camille Claudel: Creativity and Suffering", Anne Delbée, 2006
  • "Neuroscience and Psychoanalysis, a creative meeting," François Ansermet and Pierre Magistretti, 2005
  • "Jealousy" Willy Pasini, 2004
  • "Health of tomorrow: what challenges for caregivers," A. Pécoud, 2004
  • "Evolution of the family - Evolution of the adolescent. What teenagers for today's families"Claude Schauder, 2003
  • "Dependency: a look at the material and spirit", Jacques Besson, 2002
  • "Ethics and Education", Philippe Meirieu 2001
  • "Jesus and Buddha, two masters for the twentieth century", Odon Vallet, 2001
  • " Humour in Poetry," Jean-Paul Darmsteter 2000
  • "Destroy to exist; the paradoxical nature of human beings," Philippe JEAMMET, April 7, 2011 "